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Antique Arms, Weapons and Armour Dealers in the UK
about-us/ 1 pages
Collectable Antique Firearms and Weapons Dealers in the UK
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Contact West Street Antiques in Surrey, UK
current-stock/ 1 pages
Antique Arms, Weapons and Armour Dealers in the UK
armour/ 1 pages
Armour for Sale from Antique Armour Dealer in the UK
7728-a-good-milanese-open-face-burgonet/ 1 pages
A good Milanese Open Faced Burgonet.
7883-very-rare-18th-century-scottish-targe/ 1 pages
Very Rare 18th Century Scottish targe
8119-french-cuirassiers-breast-plate/ 1 pages
French Cuirassier's Breast Plate
bayonets-and-knives/ 1 pages
Bayonets and Knives for Sale from Antique Bayonet and Knife Dealers in the UK
8127-stag-horn-mounted-dirk/ 1 pages
8127 .Stag horn mounted Dirk
firearms-and-shotguns/ 1 pages
Firearms and Shotguns
7935-an-army-navy-12-bore-hammer-gun/ 1 pages
An Army & Navy 12 bore hammer gun,
x1294-a-doubled-barrelled-12-bore-hammer-gun-by-william-garden-of-aberdeen/ 1 pages
x1295-a-double-barrelled-lightweight-sporting-gun-by-thomas-turner/ 1 pages
A double barrelled lightweight sporting gun by Thomas Turner
flintlock-long-arms/ 1 pages
Flintlock Long Arms for Sale from Long Arm Dealers in the UK
7500-a-rare-hudson-valley-fowler-c1750/ 1 pages
7815-a-manton-officers-fusil/ 1 pages
A Manton officer's fusil
7834-a-flintlock-yeomanry-carbine/ 1 pages
A flintlock Yeomanry carbine
7844-an-indian-short-matchlock-carbine/ 1 pages
An Indian short Matchlock carbine
8037-a-post-1809-india-pattern-brown-bess-musket/ 1 pages
A post 1809 India pattern Brown Bess musket
8165-a-fine-double-barrelled-18-bore-john-manton-sporting-gun/ 1 pages
8165. A fine double barrelled 18 bore John Manton sporting gun
8180-an-english-long-flintlock-sporting-gun-by-lemmon/ 1 pages
. An English long flintlock sporting gun by Lemmon.
8198-a-paget-cavalry-carbine/ 1 pages
8198. A Paget cavalry carbine
8199-a-good-post-1809-pattern-brown-bess,/ 1 pages
8199. A good post 1809 pattern Brown Bess,
8223-a-good-volunteer-1805-baker-rifle-by-silvester/ 1 pages
8223. A Good Volunteer 1805 Baker Rifle by Silvester
8240-a-double-barrelled,-gold-inlaid,-16-bore-sporting-gun-by-anderson/ 1 pages
8240 A Double Barrelled, gold inlaid, 16 bore Sporting Gun by Anderson.
8267-a-very-rare-baker-cavalry-rifle-pattern-1803-to-the-7th-light-dragoons/ 1 pages
A very rare Baker Cavalry Rifle Pattern 1803 to the 7th Light Dragoons
gp01-extremely-rare-duke-of-richmonds-flintlock-musket-by-henry-nock/ 1 pages
Extremely Rare Duke of Richmond's Flintlock Musket by Henry Nock.
gp03-a-post-1809-india-pattern-brown-bess-musket/ 1 pages
A post 1809 India pattern Brown Bess musket
gp11-carbine-made-for-portuguese-service/ 1 pages
GP11 Carbine made for Portuguese service
gp7-a-rare-baker-cavalry-rifle-pattern-1813-by-ezekiel-baker/ 1 pages
A Rare Baker Cavalry Rifle Pattern 1813 by Ezekiel Baker.
pe166-a-good-volunteer-1823-baker-rifle/ 1 pages
Pe166. A Good Volunteer 1823 Baker Rifle
x1031-a-sind-flintlock-musket/ 1 pages
A Sind Flintlock musket
x1192-an-indian-matchlock-musket/ 1 pages
An Indian Matchlock musket
x1475-a-very-rare-1810-pattern-new-land-light-infantry-sergeants-carbine/ 1 pages
A Very Rare 1810 pattern New Land Light Infantry Sergeants Carbine
x1481-a-very-good-rare-india-pattern-1797-sergeants-carbine/ 1 pages
A Very Good Rare India Pattern 1797 Sergeants carbine
x1488-a-good-volunteer-short-land-pattern-1779-brown-bess-musket/ 1 pages
A Good Volunteer Short Land Pattern 1779 Brown Bess Musket
x1490-a-rare-new-land-pattern-musket/ 1 pages
A rare New Land pattern musket
x1627-a-customs-swivel-gun-by-barrnett/ 1 pages
X1627 . A customs swivel gun by Barrnett
x1637-a-fine-naval-blunderbuss-by-brander/ 1 pages
A fine naval blunderbuss by Brander.
x1639-large-german-target-rifle/ 1 pages
X1639 . Large German target rifle.
flintlock-pistols/ 1 pages
Flintlock Pistols for Sale from Pistol Dealer in the UK
7366-a-wiv-cavalry-pistol/ 1 pages
7729-a-very-good-double-barrelled-flintlock-tap-action-pocket-pistol/ 1 pages
A very good double barrelled Flintlock Tap Action Pocket Pistol
7861-a-rare-blunderbuss-pistol-by-hw-mortimer/ 1 pages
A rare blunderbuss pistol by H.W. Mortimer.
8048-a-1801-pattern-long-sea-service-pistol/ 1 pages
8048 A 1801 Pattern Long Sea Service Pistol
8172-a-fine-pair-of-duelling-pistols-by-dawes/ 1 pages
A fine Pair of Duelling pistols by Dawes
8195-a-fine-flintlock-heavy-dragoon-pistol-dated-1761-regimentally-marked-to-the-inniskillen-dragoons/ 1 pages
8215-a-cased-brace-of-twigg-brass-barrelled-blunderbuss-pistols/ 1 pages
8215 . A cased brace of Twigg Brass Barrelled Blunderbuss Pistols
8217-a-good-box-lock-spring-bayonet-officers-pistol-by-knubley-(2)/ 1 pages
.A Good Box lock spring bayonet officers Pistol by Knubley.
8229-a-very-good-pair-double-barrelled-flintlock-tap-action-pocket-pistols/ 1 pages
8229. A very good pair double barrelled Flintlock Tap Action Pocket Pistols.
8246-a-very-fine-flintlock-travelling-pistol-by-philip-bond/ 1 pages
8246. A very fine flintlock travelling pistol by Philip Bond.
8258-a-fine-pair-of-silver-mounted-holster-pistols-,by-james-barbar/ 1 pages
8258 .A Fine Pair of Silver Mounted Holster Pistols ,by James Barbar
8318-a-fine-and-rare-pocket-flintlock-pistol-by-john-manton/ 1 pages
8318 .A fine and rare pocket flintlock pistol by John Manton
8348-a-very-fine-french-pocket-pistol/ 1 pages
A very fine French pocket pistol
c985-a-french-charleville-anxii-pistol/ 1 pages
A French Charleville ANXII pistol
gp13-a-new-land-pattern-pistol7th-light-dragoons/ 1 pages
A New Land Pattern Pistol.7th Light Dragoons.
gp16-a-rare-1st-type-nock-1796-heavy-cavalry-pistol/ 1 pages
A rare 1st type Nock 1796 Heavy Cavalry pistol
gp18-a-1796-heavy-cavalry-pattern-pistol-to-the-1st-royal-dragoons/ 1 pages
Gp18. A 1796 Heavy Cavalry pattern pistol to The 1st Royal Dragoons
gp21-a-good-1801-pattern-long-sea-service-pistol/ 1 pages
Gp21. A Good 1801 Pattern Long Sea Service Pistol
gp34-a-french-year-13-cavalry-pistol-(3)/ 1 pages
Gp34 A French year 13 Cavalry pistol.
pe-31-a-very-rare-1796-heavy-cavalry-pattern-pistol-marked-to-the-18th-light-dragoons/ 1 pages
1796 Heavy Cavalry pattern pistol marked to The 18th Light Dragoons
pe-35-a-new-land-pattern-pistol-to-a-troop,-9th-lancers/ 1 pages
A New Land Pattern Pistol. to A Troop, 9th Lancers
pe33-a-new-land-pattern-pistol-to-the-13th-regiment-of-light-dragoons-/ 1 pages
A New Land Pattern Pistol to The 13th Regiment of Light Dragoons .
pe34-a-new-land-pattern-pistol-to-19th-light-dragoons/ 1 pages
A New Land Pattern Pistol to F Troop, 19th Light Dragoons
pe37-a-new-land-pattern-pistol/ 1 pages
A New Land Pattern Pistol.
r005-a-william-iv-new-land-pattern-cavalry-pistol-(1)/ 1 pages
A William IV New Land pattern cavalry pistol
r008-a-rare-lightweight-heavy-dragoon-pistol/ 1 pages
A rare lightweight Heavy Dragoon pistol
r009-a-dublin-castle-militia-pistol/ 1 pages
A Dublin Castle Militia pistol
r010-a-pattern-1777-land-service-pistol/ 1 pages
A pattern 1777 Land Service pistol
r011-a-william-iv-new-land-pattern-pistol/ 1 pages
A William IV New land pattern pistol
r014-a-william-iv-new-land-pattern-pistol/ 1 pages
A William IV New land pattern pistol
ro27-a-very-rare-prince-de-bouillon-pistol-by-durs-egg/ 1 pages
A Very Rare Prince De Bouillon Pistol by Durs Egg
x1079-a-1796-heavy-cavalry-pattern-pistol-to-the-kings-dragoon-guards-/ 1 pages
A 1796 Heavy Cavalry pattern pistol to The Kings Dragoon Guards .
x1088-a-rare-french-cavalry-model-1763-pistol/ 1 pages
A rare French Naval Model 1763 pistol
x1089-a-very-good-william-iv-cavalry-pistol/ 1 pages
A very good William IV Cavalry pisto
x1090-a-model-1816-pistol-by-s-north/ 1 pages
x1093-a-us-model-1819-pistol-by-simeon-north/ 1 pages
A US model 1819 pistol by Simeon North.
x1094-a-french-year-13-cavalry-pistol/ 1 pages
A French year 13 Cavalry pistol
x1095-a-new-land-pattern-pistol/ 1 pages
A New Land Pattern Pistol.
x1117-east-india-company-cavalry-pistol/ 1 pages
East India Company cavalry pistol.
x1120-a-rare-harpers-ferry-1805-pistol/ 1 pages
x1134-a-french-garde-du-roi-1816-model-pistol/ 1 pages
A French Garde du Roi 1816 model pistol
x1136-a-french-officers-pistol-model-1816/ 1 pages
A French Officer's pistol model 1816
x1241-a-spanish-year-xiii-style-flintlock-pistol/ 1 pages
A Spanish Year xiii style flintlock pistol.
x1444-a-pair-of-officers-pistols-belonging-to-major-john-jessop/ 1 pages
A pair of officers pistols belonging to Major John Jessop
x1562-an-east-india-company-cavalry-pistol/ 1 pages
. An East India Company Cavalry Pistol
x1596-fine-early-pair-of-duelling-pistols-by-t-probin/ 1 pages
X1596. Fine early pair of duelling pistols by T. Probin
x1603-fine-rare-pair-of-toby-pistols-by-t-henshaw/ 1 pages
X1603 Fine rare pair of Toby pistols by T. Henshaw.
x1604-pair-of-brass-pocket-pistols-by-archer/ 1 pages
X1604 Pair of attractive brass pocket pistols by Archer.
x1631-a-fine-brass-pair-of-queen-anne-cannon-barrel-holster-pistols/ 1 pages
x1631 . A Fine Brass pair of Queen Anne Cannon Barrel Holster Pistols
x1632-a-fine-high-quality-cased-pair-of-flintlock-officers-pistols/ 1 pages
A fine high quality cased pair of Flintlock officers pistols
x1650-a-fine-pair-of-turkish-kubur-pistols/ 1 pages
A fine pair of Turkish Kubur pistols
militaria/ 1 pages
Antique Militaria for Sale including Powder Flasks and Horns in the UK
7870-an-american-naval-boarding-pike/ 1 pages
An American Naval Boarding Pike
8082-bronze-signalling-canon-on-naval-carriage/ 1 pages
Bronze Signalling canon on Naval carriage
8335-a-bronze-signal-cannon-bearing-the-royal-crest-of-george-iii/ 1 pages
A Bronze Signal Cannon Bearing the Royal Crest of George III.
c325-a-mint-powder-flask/ 1 pages
pe04-the-regimental-colour-of-the-haytor-rifle-volunteers/ 1 pages
pe07-a-framed-collection-of-4-allied-waterloo-medals/ 1 pages
Pe07 . A Framed collection of 4 allied Waterloo medals
pe09-a-framed-letter-written-by-sir-john-moore/ 1 pages
A framed letter written by Sir John Moore
pe10-a-framed-letter-written-by-major-general-sir-william-carr-beresford/ 1 pages
pe11-a-framed-letter-written-by-major-general-sir-thomas-graham/ 1 pages
A framed letter written by Major General Sir Thomas Graham
pe13-a-short-handwritten-letter-from-the-duke-of-wellington-in-gallegos-dated-january-9,-1812/ 1 pages
A short handwritten letter from The Duke of Wellington in Gallegos dated January 9, 1812
pe19embroidered-silk-central-panel-of-regimental-colour-of-the-83rd-regiment/ 1 pages
Embroidered silk central panel of Regimental Colour of the 83rd Regiment
pe68-large-georgian-powder-horn/ 1 pages
PE68 Large Georgian powder horn
x1359-new-stock-an-english-sergeants-partisan/ 1 pages
An English Sergeants partisan
x1645-a-pressed-horn-snuff-box-commemorating-the-battle-of-the-pyramids/ 1 pages
percussion-long-arms/ 1 pages
Percussion Long Arms for Sale from Long Arm Dealers in the UK
7803-a-good-577-volunteer-pattern-1856-short-rifle/ 1 pages
A good .577" Volunteer Pattern 1856 short rifle
7817-a-very-fine-cased-manton-of-calcutta-rifle/ 1 pages
A very fine cased Manton of Calcutta rifle
7897-a-martini-henry-sporting-rifle/ 1 pages
A Martini Henry sporting rifle
7973-a-1856-pattern-two-band-volunteer-short-rifle-by-r-t-pritchett/ 1 pages
A 1856 pattern two band volunteer short rifle by R. T. Pritchett.
8113-a-pattern-1842-musket-to-the-bank-of-england/ 1 pages
8113 A pattern 1842 musket to the Bank of England
8155-a-percussion-park-rifle-by-gdavison-of-alnwick-newcastle/ 1 pages
A Percussion Park Rifle by G.Davison of Alnwick & Newcastle
8161-a-short-snider-rifle/ 1 pages
A Short Snider Rifle.
8182-a-john-manton-and-son-sporting-gun/ 1 pages
8182 . A J Manton and Son Sporting Gun
8210,-a-1st-pattern-volunteer-victoria-carbine/ 1 pages
A 1st pattern Volunteer Victoria Carbine
8237-a-fine-cased-cape-rifle/ 1 pages
A fine cased Cape Rifle
8270-an-indian-excise-carbine/ 1 pages
An Indian Excise Carbine
8328-a-fine-18-bore-percussion-single-barrelled-sporting-gun-by-egg/ 1 pages
A Fine 18 Bore Percussion Single Barrelled Sporting Gun by Egg
x1183-a-double-barrelled-12-bore-sporting-gun-by-w-cole/ 1 pages
double barrelled 12 bore sporting gun by W. Cole.
x1420-a-snider-enfield-2-band-5-groove-rifle,/ 1 pages
A Snider Enfield 2 band 5 groove rifle,
x1422-a-fine-german-mauser-mod-7184-bolt-action-service-rifle/ 1 pages
A fine German Mauser Mod 71/84 bolt action service rifle
x1459-a-winchester-model-1866-brass-framed-rifle/ 1 pages
A Winchester model 1866 brass framed rifle
x1482-a-fine-1842-musket/ 1 pages
A Fine 1842 Musket
x1484-an-ordnance-issue-enfield-snider-mkii-rifle/ 1 pages
An Ordnance issue Enfield Snider MkII
x1485-an-ordnance-issue-lsa-co-snider-mkiii-three-band-service-rifle-dated-1871/ 1 pages
X1485 An Ordnance issue LSA & Co Snider MkIII three band service rifle dated 1871
x1550-a-continental-double-barrelled-16-bore-sporting-gun/ 1 pages
X1550 A continental double barrelled 16 bore sporting gun
x1577-percussion-musket-eic-1840-type-by-john-wiggan/ 1 pages
X1577 . Percussion musket EIC 1840 type by JOHN WIGGAN
x1580-a-wesley-richards-volunteer-monkey-tail-carbine/ 1 pages
X1580. A Wesley Richards Volunteer Monkey Tail Carbine
x1587-a-whitney-1841-us-contract-rifle/ 1 pages
A Whitney 1841 US contract rifle
x1588-a-sharpes-model-1863-military-rifle/ 1 pages
X1588 . A Sharpes model 1863 Military Rifle.
x1619-continental,-small-blunderbuss/ 1 pages
X1619 Continental, small blunderbuss
x1640-a-fine-german-heavy-barrelled-sporting-rifle/ 1 pages
X1640 A fine German heavy Barrelled sporting rifle
percussion-pistols/ 1 pages
Percussion Pistols for Sale from Pistol Dealers in the UK
7666-a-fine-westley-richards-monkey-tail-pistol/ 1 pages
fine Westley Richards Monkey Tail Pistol,
7673-a-good-hanoverian-percussion-cavalry-pistol/ 1 pages
Hanoverian percussion cavalry pistol
7674-a-fine-quality-pair-of-small-percussion-belt-pistols-by-spink/ 1 pages
pair of small percussion belt pistols by Spink
7680-a-cased-38-bore-(500)-adams-patent-51-double-action-revolver-(1)/ 1 pages
Cased 38 bore (.500") Adams Patent 51 Double Action Revolver.
7786-a-fine-quality-pair-of-purdy-style-percussion-duellingtarget-pistols/ 1 pages
A fine quality pair of Purdy style Percussion Duelling/Target Pistols
7965-a-cased-tranter-320-rimfire-revolver/ 1 pages
A cased Tranter .320 rimfire revolver
8018-an-adams-54-bore-self-cocking-cased-revolver/ 1 pages
An Adams 54 bore self cocking cased revolver
8197-a-rare-6-shot-colt-31-1849-model-pocket-revolver/ 1 pages
A rare 6 shot Colt .31 1849 model pocket revolver
8218-a-percussion-howder-pistol-by-john-braithwaite/ 1 pages
8218 . A Percussion Howder Pistol by John Braithwaite
8219-a-pair-of-high-quality-travelling-pistols-by-beattie/ 1 pages
8219 . A pair of high quality Travelling Pistols by Beattie
8235-a-good-back-action-officers-pistol/ 1 pages
A Good Back Action officers Pistol.
8236-a-smith-and-wesson-model-no2-old-army-rimfire-revolver/ 1 pages
8236. A Smith and Wesson model No.2 Old Army rimfire revolver
8242-a-long-barrel-over-and-under-travelling-pistol-by-webley/ 1 pages
8242. A Long Barrel over and under Travelling Pistol by Webley
8243-a-good-3rd-model-tranter-bore-engraved-cased-revolver/ 1 pages
A Good 3rd Model Tranter Bore engraved Cased Revolver
8245-a-carbine-bore-officers-pistol-by-j-manton-of-london/ 1 pages
8245. A Carbine Bore Officers Pistol by J. Manton of London
8247-a-fine-54-bore-adams-1851-revolver/ 1 pages
8247 A fine 54 Bore Adams 1851 Revolver
8265-a-rare-coopers-2nd-model-double-action-navy-revolver/ 1 pages
A rare Coopers 2nd Model Double Action Navy Revolver
8266-a-hopkins-allen-american-bulldog/ 1 pages
A Hopkins &Allen American Bulldog
8327-a-fine-cased-32-bore-side-by-side-double-barrelled-percussion-howdah-pistols-by-blissett,/ 1 pages
A fine cased 32 bore side by side double barrelled percussion Howdah pistols by Blissett,
r030-rare-colt-model-18711872-open-top-revolver/ 1 pages
Rare colt model 1871/1872 open top revolver.
r034-percussion-rifled-tower-pistol-(1)/ 1 pages
Percussion Rifled Tower Pistol.
x1092-a-french-model-year-xiii-transformed-to-percussion/ 1 pages
A French model year xiii transformed to percussion
x1101-a-french-model-1837-naval-pistol/ 1 pages
A French Model 1837 Naval pistol
x1102-a-french-model-1822-pistol-transformed-1842/ 1 pages
A French Model 1822 pistol Transformed 1842
x1129-a-french-percussion-officers-pistol,-model-1833/ 1 pages
A French percussion officers pistol, model 1833.
x1222-a-percussion-belt-pistol/ 1 pages
A percussion belt pistol.
x1395-a-rare-pettengill-army-model-revolver/ 1 pages
A rare Pettengill Army Model Revolver
x1539-a-colt-army-revolver/ 1 pages
A Colt Army revolver
x1548-a-cased-54-bore-second-model-tranter-revolver/ 1 pages
A Cased 54 Bore second Model Tranter Revolver
x1563-a-percussion-coastguard-pistol/ 1 pages
X1563 A percussion coastguard pistol
x1579-cased-transitional-revolver-by-hollis-and-sheath-london/ 1 pages
Cased transitional revolver by HOLLIS and SHEATH LONDON
x1590-a-cased-pinfire-9mm-revolver-by-blanch/ 1 pages
X1590. A cased pinfire 9mm revolver by Blanch
x1591-military-style-lefauchaux-12mm-closed-frame-revolver-meyers-patent/ 1 pages
x1593-cased-english-7mm-lefaucheux-pinfire-revolver/ 1 pages
X1593. Cased English 7mm Lefaucheux Pinfire Revolver
x1598-a-percussion,-round-action-pocket-pistol-by-d-egg/ 1 pages
X1598 A percussion, round action pocket pistol by D. Egg
x1599-a-very-fine-gold-plated-120-bore-webley-wedge-frame-da-pocket-revolver/ 1 pages
x1607-a-french-model-1822-pistol-1842/ 1 pages
X1607 A French model 1822 pistol /1842.
x1609-a-cased-webley-wedge-frame-120-bore-revolver/ 1 pages
X1609 A cased Webley wedge frame 120 bore revolver
x1610-a-lefauchaux-7mm-pinfire-revolver/ 1 pages
X1610 A Lefauchaux 7mm pinfire revolver
x1611-a-new-english-pattern-7mm-pinfire-revolver/ 1 pages
X1611 A new English pattern 7mm pinfire revolver.
x1612-a-very-fine-cased-pair-of-webley-ric-deluxe-revolvers/ 1 pages
X1612 A very fine cased pair of Webley RIC deluxe revolvers
x1613-a-cased-tranter-five-shot-double-action-320-revolver/ 1 pages
X1613 A cased Tranter five shot double action .320 revolver.
x1614-rare-webley-bulldog-revolver/ 1 pages
X1614 Rare Webley Bulldog revolver
x1625-a-rare-hnock-general-post-office-packet-boat-pistol/ 1 pages
X1625 . A Rare H.Nock General Post Office Packet boat pistol.
x1629-a-mint-tranter-320-centre-fire-5-shot-double-action-pocket-revolver,/ 1 pages
X1629. A mint Tranter .320 Centre Fire 5 Shot Double Action Pocket Revolver,
x1630-a-good-colt-31-1849-model-pocket-revolver/ 1 pages
x1630 . A good Colt .31 1849 model pocket revolver
x1641-cased-double-barrelled-howdah-pistol/ 1 pages
X1641 Cased double barrelled Howdah pistol.
swords-continental/ 1 pages
Continental Swords for Sale from West Street Antiques, Sword Dealer in the UK
7508-an-american-officers-non-regulation-sword/ 1 pages
7508 NEW PRICE An American Officers non regulation sword
7514-a-good-french-heavy-cavalry-troopers-sword/ 1 pages
8109-a-french-napoleonic-heavy-cavalry-anxiii-cuirassiers-troopers-sword/ 1 pages
A French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry ANXIII Cuirassiers Troopers sword
8186-a-french-heavy-cavalry-m1854-sword,/ 1 pages
8186 A French Heavy Cavalry M1854 Sword,
8201-a-french-attack-hilted-infantry-officers-spadroon/ 1 pages
8201 A French attack hilted Infantry officers spadroon.
x1652-a-spanish-1728-cavalry-pattern-sword/ 1 pages
A Spanish 1728 cavalry pattern sword
swords-pre-regulation/ 1 pages
Old Swords for Sale from West Street Antiques, Sword Dealer in the UK
7580-a-english-hunting-hanger/ 1 pages
7634-an-english-dragoon-basket-hilted-sword-c1740/ 1 pages
7634 NEW PRICE An English Dragoon Basket Hilted Sword c1740 Was £2,695 Now £ 2,495
8224-a-rare-naval-officer-sword-circa-1700/ 1 pages
A rare Naval officer sword circa 1700 .
8333-a-very-fine-silver-embellished-english-hounslow-hanger/ 1 pages
8333 . A very fine Silver embellished English Hounslow Hanger
8834-a-fine-german-military-rapier/ 1 pages
8834 Fine German military rapier.
r019-a-royal-highland-regiment-basket-hilted-sword/ 1 pages
A Royal Highland Regiment basket hilted sword
r020-a-very-fine-english-basket-hilt-back-sword/ 1 pages
A very fine English basket hilt back sword
r022-a-royal-horseguards-basket-hilted-sword/ 1 pages
A Royal Horseguards basket hilted sword
r023-an-english-dragoon-back-sword/ 1 pages
An English Dragoon back sword
r041a-rare-knightly-sword-from-the-castiillion-river-find/ 1 pages
R041.A rare Knightly sword from the Castiillion river find
x1338-an-officers-basket-hilt-royal-horse-guards-sword/ 1 pages
An officers basket hilt Royal Horse Guards sword
x1357-a-dutch-hanger/ 1 pages
A Dutch hanger
x1361-a-very-fine,-rare-pinch-of-snuff-military-basket-hilted-sword/ 1 pages
Very fine, rare Pinch of Snuff military basket hilted sword
x1413-a-1751-type-militia-hanger/ 1 pages
A 1751 type militia hanger.
x1653-very-rare-english-dish-hilted-rapier/ 1 pages
X1653 . Very Rare English Dish Hilted rapier
x1654-very-rare-early-english-basket-hilt-sword/ 1 pages
X1654 . Very rare early English Basket hilt sword
swords-regulation-patterns/ 1 pages
Antique Swords for Sale from Sword Dealers in the UK
7670-a-variation-of-an-1796-cavalry-troopers-sword/ 1 pages
7670 New Price A variation of an 1796 Cavalry Trooper's Sword Was £895 Now £775
7717-a-3-bar-royal-artillery-officers-sword/ 1 pages
A 3 Bar Royal Artillery officers sword
7781-an-1803-rifle-officers-sword/ 1 pages
An 1803 Rifle Officer's Sword
7783-a-marmaluke-lancers-sword/ 1 pages
A Marmaluke Lancer's Sword
7788-a-good-british-indian-cavalry-troopers-sword/ 1 pages
A good British Indian Cavalry Trooper's Sword.
7804-a-very-rare-east-india-company-officers-sword/ 1 pages
7804 NEW STOCK A Very Rare East India Company Officers Sword
7837-an-1854-pattern-volunteer-rifles-sword/ 1 pages
An 1854 pattern Volunteer Rifles sword
7925-an-uncommon-household-cavalrytroopers-sword/ 1 pages
Household Cavalry trooper's sword
7932-a-rare-royal-marine-artillery-sword/ 1 pages
A rare Royal Marine Artillery sword
7988-an-1822-infantry-officers-levy-sword-of-col-dan-mackinnon-cold-stream-guards/ 1 pages
An 1822 infantry officers levy sword of Col. Dan Mackinnon Cold stream Guards
8039-a-1796-heavy-cavalry-troopers-sword/ 1 pages
8039 A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword
8089-a-1796-light-cavalry-sword/ 1 pages
A 1796 Light Cavalry Sword
8090-a-1796-heavy-cavalry-scotts-greys-troopers-sword/ 1 pages
A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword.
8092-a-1796-heavy-cavalry-troopers-sword/ 1 pages
A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword.
8096-a-victorian-naval-picket-weight-sword/ 1 pages
A Victorian naval picket weight sword
8132-a-fine-british-mameluke-sabre/ 1 pages
8132 .A fine British Mameluke sabre
8133-superb-naval-officers-fighting-sword/ 1 pages
8133 Superb Naval Officers fighting sword.
8162-a-scottish-militia-basket-hilted-sword/ 1 pages
A Scottish militia basket hilted sword
8171-a-heavy-cavalry-officers-dress-sword-1796-pattern/ 1 pages
8171. A Heavy Cavalry officer's dress sword 1796 pattern
8231-an-1854-grenadier-guards-officers-sword/ 1 pages
. An 1854 grenadier guards officer's sword
8264-an-1856-pattern-pioneers-sword/ 1 pages
An 1856 pattern pioneers sword
8268-a-rare-coffin-hilt-officers-sword-of-the-warwick-light-dragoons,/ 1 pages
8324-a-pattern-08-cavalry-troopers-sword-by-wilkinson,/ 1 pages
8324 A pattern 08 cavalry troopers sword by Wilkinson,
8331-fine-1805-figure-of-eight-naval-cutlass/ 1 pages
8331. Fine 1805 figure of eight naval cutlass.
8339-an-1827-pattern-naval-officers-sword/ 1 pages
8339 An 1827 pattern naval officers sword
8344-a-very-rare,-four-bar-indian-service-artillery-sword/ 1 pages
8344 . A very rare, four bar Indian service Artillery sword
c714-a-scottish-basket-hilted-1828-officers-sword/ 1 pages
A Scottish Basket hilted 1828 Officer's Sword
gp-25-a-1796-blue-and-gilt-light-cavalry-officers-sword/ 1 pages
GP 25 A 1796 blue and gilt Light Cavalry Officers sword.
gp-26-an-1803-flank-company-sword/ 1 pages
GP 26 An 1803 Flank Company sword.
pe-59-a-1796-heavy-cavalry-officers-sword/ 1 pages
PE 59 A 1796 Heavy Cavalry Officers sword.
pe1616-a-1796-light-cavalry-sword-to-the-oldham-troop-of-yeomanry-cavalry/ 1 pages
A 1796 Light Cavalry Sword to the Oldham Troop of Yeomanry Cavalry
pe1624-a-fine-basket-hilt-sword-for-the-4th-breadalbane-regiment-of-fencible-men/ 1 pages
. A fine Basket hilt sword for the 4th Breadalbane Regiment of Fencible Men
pe1625-a-presentation-mameluke-sabre/ 1 pages
A presentation Mameluke Sabre
pe46-the-sword-of-colonel-hugh-halkett-carried-by-him-at-waterloo/ 1 pages
The sword of Colonel Hugh Halkett carried by him at Waterloo
pe47-an-1803-flank-company-sword/ 1 pages
Pe47. An 1803 Flank Company sword
pe51-a-1796-heavy-cavalry-troopers-sword/ 1 pages
A 1796 heavy cavalry troopers sword
pe52-a-1788-light-cavalry-officers-sword/ 1 pages
PE52 A 1788 Light Cavalry Officers sword.
pe60-a-1796-light-cavalry-officers-sword/ 1 pages
A 1796 Light Cavalry officers sword.
pe61-an-1803-flank-company-sword-(1)/ 1 pages
Pe61. An 1803 Flank Company sword.
pe63-a-1788-light-cavalry-troopers-sword-to-the-fifth-light-dragoons/ 1 pages
A 1788 Light Cavalry Troopers sword to the Fifth Light Dragoons.
x1370-a-1796-light-cavalry-officers-sword/ 1 pages
A 1796 Light Cavalry officers sword.
x1466-a-good-1788-pattern-light-cavalry-officers-s-sword/ 1 pages
.A Good 1788 Pattern Light Cavalry Officers s Sword.
x1476-sword-of-richard-leyne-of-the-2nd-73rd-regiment/ 1 pages
Sword of Richard Leyne of the 2nd 73rd Regiment.
x1597-a-good-1821-pattern-cavalry-troopers-sword/ 1 pages
X1597. A good 1821 pattern cavalry troopers sword
x1633-unusually-large-1821-light-cavalry-sword/ 1 pages
X1633 Unusually large 1821 light cavalry sword.
swordsticks/ 1 pages
Swordsticks for Sale from Antique Swordstick Dealers in the UK
7707-a-very-good-simulated-bamboo-regency-swordstick/ 1 pages
A very good simulated Bamboo Regency Swordstick
7812-an-antique-malacca-sword-stick/ 1 pages
An antique malacca sword stick
7813-a-horn-bobbin-turned-sword-stick/ 1 pages
A horn bobbin-turned sword stick
7820-a-bamboo-swordstick/ 1 pages
A bamboo swordstick
7948-a-stout-sword-cane/ 1 pages
A stout sword cane
7949-a-robust-sword-cane/ 1 pages
A robust sword cane
7952-a-large-japanese-rootball-handled-swordstick/ 1 pages
A large Japanese rootball handled swordstick
7957-a-porcelain-topped-sword-cane/ 1 pages
A porcelain topped sword cane
8054-ivorene-ball-topped-sword-cane/ 1 pages
8054 Ivorene ball topped sword cane
8056-gold-topped-partridge-wood-cane/ 1 pages
8056 Gold topped partridge wood cane
8057-silver-topped-stout-malacca-cane/ 1 pages
8057 Silver topped stout Malacca cane.
8060-a-japanese-bamboo-sword-cane/ 1 pages
8060 A Japanese bamboo sword cane
8061-very-pretty-japanese-silver-topped-cane/ 1 pages
8061 Very pretty Japanese silver topped cane
x1393-regimental-bamboo-sword-cane/ 1 pages
Regimental bamboo sword cane.
truncheons/ 1 pages
Truncheons for Sale from Antique Truncheon Dealers in the UK
6926-vrtruncheon/ 1 pages
events/ 1 pages
Events we will be attending in the UK
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Sell your Antique British Military Firearms and Swords on Commission in the UK
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