A very fine Silver embellished English Hounslow Hanger

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A very fine Silver embellished English Hounslow Hanger 26" overall. 21" curved single edged blade, single shell guard decorated with silver trellis & dot decoration, down turned quillon with pear shaped terminal similarly decorated. Knucklebow with central knop also silver trellis & dot decorated as are top & bottom mounts to stage horn grip, shaped flat pommel decorated with ball finial..

Circa 1630-40.

Hounslow sword with a hilt of the best quality , hilt in very good condition ,blade polished with traces of wriggle work engraving.

The Hounslow factory, established in 1629 by Sir William Heydon, under the direction of Benjamin Stone, a prominent London Cutler employing Solingen craftsmen. It flourished in the 1630's and 1640's, with some craftsmen staying on during the English Civil War. After the War, the factory seems to have gradually declined, closing sometime after 1672.

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