Cased Tipping & Lawden 4 Barrel Derringer

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X1844 Cased Tipping & Lawden 4 Barrel Derringer In .32 Cal.Rim Fire.6 ¼” overall, 3” round barrels, chambered for the 32 caliber rimfire metallic cartridge, with unblemished clear bores, some retained rifling. Clearly stamped in a circle, around the LH hammer screw is the "Tipping & Lawden Sharps Patent" motif indicating that this is an earlier example of the model T2. Serial numbered 4459 of a total of 6000 of all models manufactured clearly stamped on the underside of the muzzle end of the barrels. The quality sculptured gutta percha grip is in excellent condition. There is a barrel release button to the underside of the frame to slide the barrels forward for loading. Action is by a sheathed trigger, and indexing of the hammer to each of the 4 barrels is good. Contained in its original Model T2 case, made in mahogany, with a fine burr walnut veneer finish to the hinged lid exterior. The interior is fitted with a blue felt lining, 2 triangular compartments with lids and bone lifters. The original clearing/ cleaning tool fits neatly into its own compartment. The brass hinged lid fits soundly, and there is an original lock, inlaid brass escutcheons to the key hole and lid exterior.

C 1875

A fine quality example of the English made derringer pistol, made under licence from the American Sharps Company in very good condition

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