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. MILITARY STYLE LEFAUCHAUX 12MM CLOSED FRAME REVOLVER 'MEYERS PATENT'.10” overall,43/8” round 12 mm barrel. A solid six shot large frame revolver , plain six shot Liege proofed cylinder, axis pin combined with the extractor mechanism, externally sprung side swing loading gate, faceted large ring pommel and well fingered two piece plain walnut grips. It’s in excellent condition, action functions correctly in double and single action, lock up completely solid, indexation perfect, chambers very clean, some wear to rifling but clearly visible, bore very clean, external metalwork to its original white metal finish. It’s a very unusual revolver of good size and weight and popular in the large 12mm calibre - about the same size and weight as the French 11mm Service revolver.

The Meyers patent revolver has variants in all calibres and the patent relates to the extraction system linked to the axis pin. The 12mm was adopted by the Dutch Army as the standard service revolver and is rare in this calibre and even in the 7 and 9mm they are fairly rare. .Circa 1870s Guillaume Joseph Meyers was active in presenting patents and new designs for small arms from 1866 through 1879.

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