Percussion Long Arms for Sale from West Street Antiques, Long Arm Dealer in the UK

British Military Rifles, including Enfield Rifles, Snider Rifles, Martini Henry Rifles, also Winchester rifles and Sporting Guns.


/media/188042/8458a.JPG8458 A Mint 1842 Volunteer Short Musket

Price: £2,395

Available: Yes

/media/118021/x1482a.JPGX1482 A Fine 1842 Musket

Price: £1,795

Available: Yes

/media/169766/8270a.JPG8270 An Indian Excise Carbine

Price: £995

Available: Sold

/media/138504/8161a.JPG8161 A Short Snider Rifle.

Price: £1,645

Available: Sold