. A New Land Pattern Pistol to the 18th Light Dragoons.

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 A New Land Pattern Pistol to the 18th Light Dragoons. 9” barrel with ordnance proofs. Stepped bolted lock with engraved Tower at tail , with crown over ‘GR’, semi-waterproof pan, walnut fullstock with traces of storekeeper’s mark .Regulation brass mounts. Trigger guard engraved 18LD K62. Swivel ramrod.


Good condition small repairs to stock and fore end

The regiment was formed in 1759, and in 1769 it was designated as the 18th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons. In 1805 the 18th added the words “King’s Irish” to their title, and in December 1807 the regiment was converted to Hussars (with the accompanying magnificent uniforms) and became the 18th (King’s Irish) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Hussars), which was normally shortened to simply 18th Hussars. In July 1808 the 18th arrived in Portugal, where it later assisted in covering the retreat of Sir John Moore’s army to Corunna. The surviving members of the regiment embarked for England IN January 1809. The regiment returned to the Peninsula in February 1813 to join the Duke of Wellington’s army. At the Battle of Vittoria the 11th incurred Wellington’s wrath by stopping to plunder King Joseph Bonaparte’s baggage, causing him to write, "The 18th Hussars are a disgrace to the name of soldier, in action as well as elsewhere; and I propose to draft their horses from them and send the men to England if I cannot get the better of them in any other manner.” But in April 1814 the regiment redeemed its reputation in gallant charge that captured a vital bridge at Croix d'Orade, shortly before the Battle of Toulouse, and Wellington now said, “Well done, the Eighteenth; by God, well done.” During the Waterloo Campaign of June 1815 the 18th Hussars were part of Sir Hussey Vivian’s Brigade on the far left of Wellington’s line. When Prussian troops began arriving on this flank, Wellington moved this brigade over to his threatened centre, where it helped steady some of the shaken infantry units. In the final stages of the battle, when Wellington’s army was about to begin its general advance, General Vivian rode over to the regiment and asked, “18th will you follow me?” Sergeant Major Jeffs immediately replied, “Yes, General, to hell if you will lead us.” The 18th then charged and scattered some French cavalry squadrons attempting to cover the retreat of the infantry. This was the first of several charges by the 18th at the end of the day. The “18 LD” marking on this pistol’s trigger guard shows that it was issued to the unit prior to its re-designation as Hussars in 1807. The pistol would therefore have served with the regiment throughout its fighting in the Peninsula and then during the Waterloo Campaign.

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