A pair of officers pistols belonging to Major John Jessop

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A pair of officers pistols belonging to Major John Jessop 44th regiment, staff officer to Wellington at Waterloo. 15” overall, 9” musket bore barrels with tower private proofs, florally engraved tang, stepped, bolted lockplate, border engraved, swan neck cock, semi waterproof pan, roller on the frizzen. Signed ‘Osborn & Gunby & Co.’ Plain walnut fullstock, steel trigger guard with acorn finial and flowerhead engraved on the bow. Single ramrod pipe and swivel ramrod. Practical, heavyweight officers pistols with no original finish remaining.

Circa 1810.

Osborn & Gunby in partnership from 1807-1820.

Contained in their officers military chest brass bound with a Brahma lock,, engraved ‘John Jessop’ on an escutcheon.

 On March 1st Napoleon landed at Cannes and on April 11th Wellington became C in C. About that time John, a Captain in his regiment the 44th Foot, aged about 35 was appointed to the Staff of the Army in Flanders as Assistant Quartermaster General, an appointment he held until he was wounded at Quatre Bras on June 16th. John was the most junior of seventeen Assistant Quartermasters General who served on the Staff at Waterloo ; most of the others were Lieut. Colonels or Colonels and this appointment was clearly a recognition of his ability and the regard in which he was held. The Regimental History of the 44th Foot contains a detailed description of the part played by the Regiment in the Battle of Waterloo including the following account of the night of 15th June and the next day by Captain Burney of the 44th:- "There was a grand ball at Brussels on 15th June. I did not go for this reason. One of the Quartermaster General's Department was billeted in the same house that I was. He rode in about 4 o 'clock that day having been reconnoitring about 20 or 30 miles in front with only one mounted man, and went straight to the Duke of Wellington and delivered his observations. On arriving at his billet all was bustle. I found that he had ordered his servants to look well to his horses and prepare everything for a sudden move to the front. I took the hint -packed my baggage and went early to bed. At 12 o 'clock that night bugles were sounding and drums were beating in every part of Brussels, people galloping about in all directions; the ball broken up and the troops collecting at the alarm posts of their regiments .... The 44th were drawing rations and ammunition till 4 o 'clock when they had to march out of Brussels pretty well fagged The regiment reached Quatre Bras about one or two o'clock; halted and ordered to cook...., we could distinctly hear artillery. .. . , Presently, Fall in 44th! Cooking knocked on the head; all was excitement. The Brigade advanced . . . . , and when we reached a rise in the road we discovered the French Army covering the country and we advanced down the slope...." At Quatre Bras the Regiment lost 17 officers killed or wounded, including John, severely wounded in the foot by cannon shot. He was awarded the Waterloo medal and the C. B. His name appeared with others in the London Gazette on 22nd June 1815 "For services in the battles fought upon the 16th and 18th of June last"

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