A fine Cased Pair of 32-Bore Flintlock Duelling Pistols by D. Egg London

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A fine Cased Pair of 32-Bore Flintlock Duelling Pistols by D. Egg London. 15 ¼” overall, 10” sighted octagonal barrels with blade fore sights signed ‘D.Egg London’ in gold along the top-flats, fitted with rear-sights at the breech, double gold line and gold touch holes, stamped below with London proofs, beautifully engraved case-hardened tangs depicting a stand of arms and foliage, stepped bevelled locks signed ‘D.Egg’ in script and with Eggs sliding safety catches that lock the cock and pan, swan necked cocks, semi waterproof pans lined in gold, rollers on toe of the frizzen, set triggers. Half stocked in walnut with vacant gold escutcheons, finely chequered grips, with engraved steel mounts comprising butt caps, border and florally engraved blued trigger-guards with French form pillar fronts, vase finials, white metal oval barrel key escutcheons, moulded and engraved fore-end nose-caps with integral ramrod apertures and plain ramrod thimble mounted to the applied under-ribs, horn tipped ramrods, both with worms. In their later brass mounted mahogany case, the exterior with flush fitting carrying handle with later D .Egg label. Complete with all accessories including red-leather powder flask, turn-screw, bullet mould, spring clamp, loading rod and pan brush.

Circa 1805

Very high quality pistols in particularly good condition retaining some original finish, both frizzens have been well refaced.

Durs Egg Son of Leonz Egg, gunmaker, Switzerland. Born 1748, baptised Urs Christian. After a short stay in Paris, came to London and worked for John Twigg, 1772. Granted denization in 1791. Gunmaker & Sword Cutler. Became gunmaker to George IV & Duke of York. Renowned for his fine workmanship.

Examples of his work are preserved in the Royal Collection, Windsor Castle, and many other public and private collections.

For full details see Claude Blair, 'The Egg Family, Part I and Part I (contd.), J.A.A.S., vol. VII (1973), pp. 266-299 and 305-353

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