Rare 1716 Sea Service Pistol. Restocked for the war of 1812

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. Rare 1716 Sea Service Pistol. Restocked for the war of 1812. 18 ½” overall, 12” 22 bore round barrel with central Kings proofmarks. 1716 pattern flat sea service lock engraved ‘Jordan 1746’ at the tail. With crown GR and board of ordanance mark to lockplate. Throat hole bevelled cock, faceted pan, flat top faceted frizzen with walnut fullstock with light dragoon short spurred buttcap, light dragoon S shaped side plate, locally made trigger guard, wooden ramrod retained by one ramrod pipe.


Circa 1746/1812.


Pistol in good condition, metalwork very good. Stock good condition no splits, possibly cherry? Shortage of pistols for Canadian loyalists at the time of the war of 1812 led to older weapons being refurbished therefore pistols from the Seven Years War period were restored.


References: “British Board of Ordnance Small Arm Contractors 1689 – 1840” by De Witt Bailey


“Small Arms of the British Forces in America 1664 – 1815” by De Witt Bailey.



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