A Flintlock Volunteer Musket O of the Thoresby Volunteers by Knubley.

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A Flintlock Volunteer Musket  of the Thoresby Volunteers by Knubley. 39 ¼" barrel with Tower private proof marks, numbered ‘12’ throughout, the barrel inscribed ‘London’ and retaining most of its original finish, stepped numbered lock signed Knubley with roller, regulation walnut three-quarter stock, brass mounts, steel sling swivels, original numbered steel ramrod, and associated bayonet numbered ‘60’.

Circa 1802

In very good condition, most original finish.

The Thoresby Volunteers were raised circa 1802-03 and commanded by Charles Herbert Pierpoint who was 2nd Earl Manvers of Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire. The regiment was raised to counter any threat of invasion by Napoleon's forces as well as to protect the estate and locality against aggression and looting resulting from civil disturbance, such as the riotous behaviour in the Nottingham elections of 1801/2. The musket is of regulation type, but with a stepped lock and roller frizzen and signed Knubley. John Knubley is recorded active circa 1766 until his death in 1795, after which his widow continued the business. The name continued to be used by Samuel Brunn and, from 1798, John Mallet until 1803. The latter is known to have signed a number of guns simply 'Knubley', and this musket is probably from that period. The oval brass escutcheon is engraved with the crest of the Pierpoint family. There were about 90 of these muskets in Thoresby Hall with bayonets and they were all sold by Sothebys in a Country House sale of the contents of Thoresby Hall in 1989.

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