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If you’re looking for experienced antique sword dealers in the United Kingdom, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We have a real passion for antique swords and we love nothing more than providing our customers with the best, museum quality antique swords for their collection. The sword was called the ”Queen of weapons” by many, and there is a lot of merit in this epithet as the sword possessed beauty in its many forms, and the art with which different antique swords are adorned. It took a lot of skill and knowledge to make a sword and also to wield a sword properly and efficiently. If you’d like additional information on the antique swords that we offer throughout the United Kingdom, be sure to get in touch with our experienced team today. We’d love to hear from you and assist you in any way we possibly can.


A Brief History Of Swords

The sword has a very long history and over many years, it has evolved and morphed into many different forms. As a result of this, it can be classified and grouped into many groups and subgroups. The sword is a weapon that had been developed mainly for inflicting cutting wounds on enemies; although stabbing was also important when it came to duelling with swords. The sword is often attributed to old-world civilisations and the people who inherited the weapon; swords were one of the main weapons in Africa, Egypt, Chaldea, Asia, Rome and throughout Europe. It’s possible to classify antique swords according to geographical spread:

  1. African
  2. European
  3. Oriental and Asian

It’s important to note, however, that in the classifications, some antique swords in the Oriental and Asian group originated in Egypt. The Oriental types of antique swords evolved to a very distinguished form, compared to swords that originated in Europe. Swords made of metal failed to develop on American and Austrailain continents, and in South and Central America there was a wooden sword (known as the ”macana”) used by the native cultures. The Aztecs actually studded their wooden swords with obsidian blades, to create a cutting edge.


Classification Of Antique Swords

To classify all antique swords, it’s important to consider the many different classes to get the general view of the swords used all over the world. Some of the swords are so unbelievably eccentric that they belong to their own eccentric class, and they have to be mentioned separately. You’ll be able to notice a typical European antique sword, as they are straight with a pointed blade, whereas the curved sword was developed in the Middle East and Asia. It’s highly probable that both types of antique sword originated in Egypt, however. Both types of swords retained their characteristics and over time, evolved into many different forms. It’s possible to classify antique swords into the following groups:

  • Two-Edged Straight Swords
  • One-Edged Sword, Straight Or Curved
  • One-Edged ‘Spud’ Ended Sword
  • Curved Sword With Expanding Blade (Also Known As A ”Scimitar”)
  • Curved Pointed Sword Edged On The Inner (Concave) Edge
  • The Egyptian Falchion
  • Eccentric Types Of Sword – Executioner’s Sword, Flamberge etc.

We stock a wide range of antique swords, including Regulation, Pre-Regulation and Continental swords.

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