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Here at West Street Antiques, we are antique pistol dealers who collect, stock and supply a wide array of antique pistols to clients throughout the Unites Kingdom. We have a real passion for antique pistols and we love nothing more than providing our clients with exhibition-style antique pistols. Every single antique pistol in our collection has a history all its own, and you can be part of this history if you purchase the antique pistol. If you’d like additional information on the antique pistols that we offer, be sure to get in touch with our specialist team of antique pistol dealers today. We’d love to hear from you and assist you in any way we possibly can.


Types Of Antique Pistols We Offer

We offer a wide range of antique pistols to clients throughout the United Kingdom, which is why we’ve decided to outline them below. The antique pistols that we offer include:


Flintlock Pistols

Centuries after the Matchlock pistol was introduced, it was improved upon to create the flintlock pistol. The very first true flintlock pistol was developed by Marin le Bourgeoys, who designed it for King Louis VIII. Flintlock pistols, muskets and rifles were the mainstay of every European and American army from 1660 through to the 1840s. Very similar to the Matchlock antique pistol, the flintlock design was initially a smooth bore long gun. However, the flintlock design allowed for more variations of weapons and antique pistols, and so many short barrelled flintlock pistol designs and shotgun designs were developed as the years passed. This really paved the way for improvements to be made upon the flintlock and it’s design, and the most intuitive design during the flintlock period affected firearms in a revolutionary way. You can find more information on our flintlock antique pistols here.


Percussion Pistols

Although flintlock pistols lasted a remarkably long time, they were eventually replaced by a “lock and ignition” system, called the percussion cap. Percussion pistols were much easier to load, more weather resistant and a lot more reliable. So, by the time of America’s civil war, both Union and Confederate armies used percussion-cap guns exclusively. Percussion pistols and the percussion cap was made possible by the discovery of a chemical compound called “mercuric fulminate” or “fulminate of mercury”. Its chemical formula is Hg(CNO)₂, and is made up of mercury, nitric acid and alcohol.

The transition from flintlock pistols to percussion pistols was very minor, and many flintlock pistols were simply converted into percussion pistols. The lock in antique percussion pistols is exactly the same as the flintlock in terms of the mainspring, hammer, tumbler, sear and sear spring. The hammer has un-cocked, half-cocked and fully cocked positions like flintlock antique pistols. The main difference between antique flintlock pistols and percussion antique pistols is the fact that percussion pistols don’t have a flint or a frizzen. Instead, there’s a “nipple” that accepts the cap, and the nipple contains a tube that leads the flame from the cap down to the main charge of gunpowder in the barrel of the percussion pistol. The hammer is also shaped to strike the cap on the nipple and cover it, so the nipple doesn’t get blown off.

Now, the percussion lock didn’t last very long, almost 50 years. Manufacturing processes were evolving rapidly at the time, and it quickly became possible to integrate the cap, powder and projectile into a single metal package at low cost. These are the bullets that we still use today.

Find all of our percussion antique pistols here.

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