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Here at West Street Antiques, we are antique gun dealers who offer antique guns to clients throughout the United Kingdom. We stock a wide range of antique guns including flintlock pistols, and we strive to meet the needs and requirements of our customers when it comes to supplying them with antique guns. Our carefully selected stock of antique guns is perfect for any antique gun collector looking to increase the number of guns in their collection. If you’d like additional information on the antique guns that we offer throughout the United Kingdom, be sure to get in touch with our team today. We’d love to hear from you and assist you in any way we possibly can.


What Antique Guns Are Commonly Collected?

Most collectors will tend to specialise in some way, maybe leaning towards weapons of a certain period or by a particular maker or group of makers. On the whole, the antique gun collecting community is fairly self-contained, but there are weapons of great history and beauty that can credibly aspire to be works of art and which will attract interest from a wider audience. Some of the most expensive firearms on the market are those of museum quality that were always intended to be admired rather than actually used.

The History Of Antique Guns


It’s the almost limitless range of variations created during the four-century evolution of firearms, from matchlock to centrefire, which fuels the market in antique guns. The earliest known guns were fired by applying a burning fuse to a small touch hole in the barrel to ignite the gunpowder. The matchlock was simply a means of lowering the fuse when a trigger was pulled, and the development of ever more efficient means of ignition is one of the major strands in the history of gun making and antique gun collecting. The 16th century saw the development of ”wheel locks”, where an ignition spark was produced by a flint held against a clockwork-powered steel wheel. The flintlock, the means of ignition from the 17th century onwards, was fired when a flint clamped into a cock or hammer struck a hinged steel plate, sending a shower of sparks into a pan of priming powder.

From the 1830s, the discovery of compounds which would ignite when struck led to the universal adoption of the percussion lock, and by the end of the 19th century, this was overtaken by breech-loading guns with ready-loaded cartridges ignited by means of a firing pin.

Different types of antique guns were created for different events, including sports, military use and self-defence. This offered possibilities for specialisation. The code of honour which meant that every gentleman was expected to own a pair of pistols for duelling and has provided collectors with a rich source of fine boxed pistols from the 18th and 19th centuries (many of which were hardly used) and these are pursued by keen collectors.


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We stock and supply a wide range of antique guns to customers based in the United Kingdom, including:

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