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Are you looking for antique armour dealers in the United Kingdom, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We’re experienced collectors and antique armour stockists who offer various different pieces of antique armour to customers throughout the United Kingdom. Antique armour is steeped in history, so we thought that we’d give you an insight into some of the most famous types of armour throughout history, as well as the antique armour that we offer to our customers. If you’d like additional information on the antique armour that we offer throughout the United Kingdom, be sure to get in touch with our team today. We’d love to hear from you and assist you in any way we possibly can.


What Is Armour?

One of the greatest heroic images in history is that of the Knight in shining armour; most people don’t realise that this image is just a single stepping stone in the world’s lengthy history of warfare. Armour simply means ”a protective covering”, and today this refers to things such as Kevlar body armour, a helmet and even the heavy plates that blanket a lot of the modern assault vehicles. Now, antique armour can be separated into three major classifications; “Lamellar”, “Plate” and “Mail” (also known as “Chainmail”). So, what actually are they?



Hides, fur and hardened leather are the most common candidates for being the oldest form of armour known to man. It’s not very hard to imagine primitive man taking note of how thick the hides of specific animals are, and how they can be protected by those hides. It didn’t take very long for plain leather armour to evolve into Lamellar armour. Lamellar armour consists of any armour where a protective material has been physically sewn into a base material, such as leather or cloth. Lamellar antique armour includes armour like Brigandine, Scale, Splint and Ring.



Over the years, the evolution of Lamellar armour gave birth to Chainmail armour. This specific type of Lamellar consists of large, heavy rings sewn edge-to-edge onto a leather shirt. The creators of “Ring” Lamellar soon realised that they could create a far more superior form of armour by linking their rings together, instead of sewing them into the base of the leather. Antique armour with linked rings became known as “Mail” or “Chainmail”.



Plate armour also has a very long history. The very first incarnations of Plate armour were seen as large bronze chest plates worn by a wide variety of cultures in the ancient world. Later, evolutions in Plate armour include Roman “Lorica Segmentata”. Plate armour in its most complicated evolution consisted of covering the body with many articulated metal plates. This articulate antique armour is the armour that gave rise to the term “Knight in shining armour”. It’s important to note that the evolution of articulate Plate armour stopped with the invention of firearms. Firearms spurred antique Plate armour to evolve full-circle into the territory of heavy metal breast plates. Plate armour can still be seen today in the form of padding used for many high-impact sports, such as American football.

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